Guidelines for Day of Sealcoating Service


• We do not require the customer to be home during the service. Given the volume of jobs we complete on a daily basis, we use a computer program to route our crews. If you would like a 3 hour time window as to when our crew is expected to arrive, you may call our office at (703) 542-5555 anytime after 7:00am on the day of service.

• All vehicles should be out of your garage and off the driveway by 8:00am on the day of service. Our crews are sealing from 8:00am to 6:00pm and may arrive at any time during those hours. We always ring the doorbell and/or knock on the front door before we start the service. We are not responsible if your vehicle is trapped in the garage.

• Make sure your sprinklers are turned off. If your neighbor’s sprinklers cause runoff onto your driveway, please ask them to turn their sprinklers off.

• Do not allow your pets to have access to the driveway until it has completely dried. If they walk on the driveway while it is still wet they will leave paw prints in the sealer and track the sealer onto other surfaces.

• Please make sure items such as portable basketball goals, planters, mulch bags, etc., are moved off the driveway and at least 5 feet from the edge of the driveway to allow our crews room to work.

• We do not require your garage door(s) to be up. We hand-apply the sealer using squeegees so there is no over-spray.

• If you have a lawn service, they should not be scheduled the same day as the sealing service, nor should they be scheduled the following day. The driveway will need a minimum of 24 hours to dry and the edges can take slightly longer to dry.

• The following circumstances will require extended drying times of up to 36-48 hours:
*Jobs completed in early spring and in the fall.
*Driveways that are shaded by trees or do not get good sun exposure.

• Each year is different so we can’t specify a date, but if your driveway is covered in leaves during the fall, you will want to have your driveway sealed before the leaves begin to drop. Falling leaves will not become a permanent part of the driveway but they will leave marks in the sealer.

• Upon completion we barricade the entrance to your driveway with a 6” wide yellow banner. We are not responsible for other people (i.e. delivery men, neighborhood kids) walking on the driveway before it has dried.

• We do not have the ability to inspect each job after completion. If the work is affected by rain before the job has dried, please call our office. We do take responsibility for the clean-up and if needed, we will touch-up the affected area or re-seal the driveway at no charge to you.